Georgian Bay Cottage

Being the architect and interior designer for this three pod building with a stone washcourse and the main centre building in stone with galvanized seamed roof edge followed by cedar shakes was a pure treat. The interior dark wood floors and walls in alternating stone and drywall. The floating wood, glass and steel stair is in the main great room that has a wooden beamed cathedral ceiling. The furniture is Italian modern Georgetti giving the mountain architecture a transitional feeling. This feeling is carried through with Italian modern lighting from Venetti in ceiling fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps and mono-points.

The pods have different uses with one being the master suite with office and library then the middle pod communal living with the dining and living area with guest suites and then a separate pod for vehicles. The lower level has a theatre room and full spa services with indirect lighting and window wells. The rear garden is facing the third golf hole and has a swimming pool that is integral to the house and expands with an outdoor kitchen.   


20 November


Architecture, Interior Design