Symbolism and Water at the National Museum of African American History

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Dec 16th, 2019

The acclaimed architecture of this building that was finished in 2016 after a four year construction period is an inverted pyramid with an architectural filigree of metal that reflects a crown used in Yoruban culture. I like anything which reflects leadership especially with jewels. The jewels inside are poignant and the journey through is sometimes restricted and sometimes voluminous with celebration. You take the elevator to the basement and you crawl up through the exhibits then land at the concourse where you can explore this room of water to ponder. The lead architects: David Adjaye, Phil Freelon, J. Max Bond Jr.

The scale is perfect and the words soak into your hearts. Breathe and be thankful. Next step is up to the top floor to view the contemporary art and the interactive exhibits. This is a building you must feel and visit it cannot simply be viewed from afar or even more desperate: the internet.