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Interesting Interview With Dee Dee Eustace

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“I was the cheerleader with the 95 average,” says Dee Dee Eustace and there was something beguiling about declaring such a thing to a pair of long-time, utterly non-cheerleading New York journalists (us) … “Do you hate me?” she added. We didn’t. Newly arrived from Toronto where, as an architect and interior designer, she has her own architecture firm as well as couple of other businesses. She’s appeared on ‘Oprah,’ where she decorated a living room live to air to some 27 million people, and has also presented of a couple of HGTV shows Anointed a member of the “Top…

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Architect and interior designer Dee Dee Hannah creates spectacular spaces that make the everyday feel like a getaway As Dee Dee Hannah recalls her childhood, it’s easy to  understand how she became  both an architect and an  interior designer. “I loved math and science and I loved fashion. I  had this dichotomy in terms of interests,  but also that’s sort of the way my mind  works: very linear, logical thinker. But  then I loved design!” Her stunning creations, bright smile, long gold-spun locks and engaging personality have become famous, courtesy of three appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, a hosting gig on the…

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Silk Carpet Evolves

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Oct 26th, 2020 A carpet is a dynamic piece of art that changes from all angles. You walk around this piece and there is a subtle soft side and a vibrant side as you walk towards the silk. Lean in and experience the soft blue the mixture of nettle, wool and silk gives such depth to his collection especially with the over tufting, the perfect name Erased Heritage.

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Book Matched Zigzag

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Oct 19th, 2020 My travel is truly been in Canada and in fact, Ontario since March 15, 2020 so I explore the world through materiality. A perfect place to do this is at Ciot Stone where I can wander the aisles with Raffaelle and pick exotic stones throughout the world giving me many visuals delights. This particular stone we are using in a penthouse condo in Toronto as the filed material. It is bold and timeless all at once, not an easy feat.

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A Blur

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Oct 12th, 2020 2020 is moving faster than expected. This photo shoot with David Drebin at the restaurant, Harbour 60 seems like a lifetime ago. The blur of time is something to behold and try to capture. I have fond memories of the day and the images are instilled in my mind. This campaign was used to celebrate the new renovations that we had completed, having designed and built the restaurant the last night prior to opening was with the owner as Greek music was played and we sipped wine admiring the creation.

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