August in Tuscany

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Sept 14th, 2019

August in Tuscany exploring the smells and tastes of the region. The basil hand ground in the marble mortar and pestle. The vineyard’s villas and their antiquities arouse every sense. Around the corner is a hard surface pit that is being cut away with slabs of Carrara and Statuario marble. How they ever cut, ship and send these slabs all over the world is beyond me. All I want is a marble bathtub, easy peasy for a quick ship home and customs…Not!!! 

We traveled up the crazy road in a Jeep and a hard hat with true Italian Style no safety rails with a hot Italian driver who was practicing his race car moves. A little much for a morning drive for some; I loved it with my white on white outfit so the marble dust fit in with my vibe. To finish a lard, cheese and meat lunch with of course vino. Back to the Villa for a swim.