Trust the process : Davenport Brownstone

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Sept 7th, 2019

I am Woman…hear me roar and dance. How fabulous to be celebrated!!! I sold this beautiful home and I still love it to the core. On to the next but never forgetting the beauty and the process. Life should be magical and an adventure which to date it has fully lived up to this mantra. I am embarking on a new project designing a fashion capsule, KADE. It is exciting and a learning process all in one. Truly designed for Wonder Women which I fully subscribe to. 

This Wonder Woman is in the midst of a new build and restoration of a 1903 Edwardian Fraternity House into three luxury units in the Toronto Yorkville area. This has been a year in the City process and is coming up for air as we begin the footings of the addition to the full Heritage Building Retention. The dirt has been dug and removed whisked away from site let the games begin.