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Dee Dee Eustace is a Toronto, Canada-based architect full of talent. Her exquisite taste is reflect-ed in the multiple properties she has worked on over the years. Including commercial buildings and condominiums in Toronto with impeccable art, fine finishes, modern furniture, and an air of contemporary fixtures that make an ambiance refined, tasteful and distinctively current. She is also the owner of Taylor Hannah Archi-tect Inc, an architecture, development, and in- terior design firm specializing in the residential and hospitality sectors. Notably 5th in the world for Superyacht refit 2016.

Dee Dee is a world traveler, but one of the plac-es where she finds peace at is the BG Ocala Ranch, which she and fiancé, Bobby Genovese, share. The ranch – with its hilly green landscape surrounded by a white fence where horses re- volve around the property with great freedom and space – was recently renovated by Dee Dee and her team.

Here she rides, plays polo, entertains a crowd of taste makers, friends and family. Her globe- trotting nature has enabled the star architect to be inspired: “I like to explore for pieces that no- body has, when I go to Thailand, or anywhere around the world, I love to find a trove of trea-sures that embody uniqueness, beauty, and what is not always attainable.”

During our weekend photo shoot at the ranch, Dee Dee showcased her svelte figure, blonde mane, green eyes, and long legs. Her look can go from Ralph Lauren to sophisticated socialite of high regard. Her philanthropy is also key in the growth of her brand.

“I love to connect with people, share experi-ences and offer support in as many ways as I can. Raising funds, changing legislation or building awareness is at the core of what I do.”
She is so inspiring in that she has spent years cultivating numerous charities, with a specific focus on supporting women.

Her platform to create change ultimately came from being a public figure known as and ex- pert and leader in her field. Her television shows with Canada HGTV and her column in the Globe and Mail made her a household name across North America. Even Oprah Winfrey, in her heyday, showcased Dee Dee
on several occasions.

Dee Dee hosted HGTV’s Love By Design, a home makeover series that aired both in Canada and the USA, and was one of four hosts for the Canadian HGTV Designer’s Christmas Special. She was also the Design Expert columnist for the Globe and Mail newspaper style section, and is author of Dee Dee Rules: NYC Life, Love & Design.
In philanthropy she has chaired the Silver Dinner for Healthy Minds Canada, Cook for the Cure for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, the International Arts and Antiques Show in NYC, the Canadian Council of American Relations NYC, the Gala in the Garden for the Botanical Gardens, the McEwen Steam Cell Race, and, most recently, the board of the New Start Foundation for Edgewood Health Network. She is also a Board member of North York General Hospital and Art Scape Foundation, Canada.
“My family has a tradition of professionalism and philanthropy with children. You need to balance motherhood with a career. I do it with purpose and ease because I love it. My children are trailblazers in their own right. It feels healthy, positive, and radiant at the same time,” said the proud mother. THE BG LIFE At the BG Ocala Ranch of Bobby Genovese, you find a beautiful 100-acre spread of land filled with towering oak trees that dance in the wind. The wind feels special here, when you’re relaxing by the Four Seasons-type swimming pool surrounded by dozens of horses grazing in surrounding pastures. Genovese (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Brad Pitt) is an avid international traveler and highly respected businessman with decades of success. He has a great sense of humor, a relaxed demeanor and impeccable style. His love for horses is attached to his athletic abilities. His tour de force was inherited by both his grandfather and his father, who were both athletes, as well as his mother, who also had a keen sense of business and loved socializing and entertaining.

BG Ocala Ranch it is completely equipped for entertainment. “We love to bring our family friends here where they can stay at the main house, or in any of the six 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom cottages on the property.” Guests and family can enjoy the incredible biking trails of the adjacent Florida Greenway, plus miles of trail riding on any of the 36-plus polo horses at the BG Ocala Ranch. (It would be ill gotten of me to not mention the trampoline, the basketball court, the Pickle Ball court, the carousel and — when you think you’ve seen it all – the train that takes passengers through the
Ranch past mock cowboys, giraffes, hippos, and elephants.)

In 2007, Ocala/Marion County was named the “Horse Capital of the World,” a testament to the area’s unique position in producing the world’s finest thoroughbred champions. There is also a polo field on the ranch where Bobby likes to invite family friends and other polo players to come play during the season. The high season for polo is between January and the end of March. There is also the new billion-dollar World
Equestrian Center that recently opened nearby . It is the largest equestrian complex in the United States – a world-class, multi-indoor and outdoor arena facility offering state-of-the-art amenities to accommodate numerous disciplines within the
equine industry.

“Dee Dee is an amazing interior designer and architect,” said Genovese, spotlighting her most recent work redesigning the
ranch’s stunning new backyard pool complex along with key renovations to the entire home.
“I admire her so much. She has great passion for all things beautiful,” said Genovese. “Dee Dee has great style with an extraordinary talent for creating true relaxed elegance, which I love.