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The Singularity

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Nov 4th, 2019

I attended Singularity University the executive course in Canada. Sixty people were chosen to explore large thinking ideas in the areas of healthcare, IT, climate change, robotics, AI, leadership, ethics and typology of your thought process identifying your DNA of your business. I met fantastic interesting people exploring the world at a larger scale. Exponential growth and thinking outside the box.

My take away is the world is in a fine balance where we are 8 billion people with 1 billion cars and the planet is stressed; we have 11 years to save this planet and reverse the damage. Global warming is real, Robots are on their way into our lives and the new world of Artificial Intelligence will create ethical questions about how we interact with machines. Will we use data into a machine to make decisions about our lives? For example: someone is found guilty of a crime they load in the data and AI spits out a sentence. Interesting: where is the human touch?