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Pay homage to artisanal

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Sept 1st, 2019

Wandering in a walled mountaintop town that dates back to the 8th Century BC, Volterra has it all Etruscan, Roman and Medieval periods. Tucked away down a small side street an artisan takes break from carving his alabaster lighting fixture. I just pause and look. What do you say? The time and effort of this piece holds its beauty here in this village. Shipped around the world we forget; we need to remember and pay homage.

Think of the weight and frailness of alabaster? Think of a click of a button we expect instant delivery perhaps a moment of reflection and waiting for quality is good for the soul. I just the love the dust on the floor and the hunks of stone kicking around. Out of blocks comes statues, out of our minds comes crazy or in this case a trained skill of love. Love is.