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Interesting Interview With Dee Dee Eustace

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“I was the cheerleader with the 95 average,” says Dee Dee Eustace and there was something beguiling about declaring such a thing to a pair of long-time, utterly non-cheerleading New York journalists (us) … “Do you hate me?” she added. We didn’t. Newly arrived from Toronto where, as an architect and interior designer, she has her own architecture firm as well as couple of other businesses. She’s appeared on ‘Oprah,’ where she decorated a living room live to air to some 27 million people, and has also presented of a couple of HGTV shows Anointed a member of the “Top…

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Architect and interior designer Dee Dee Hannah creates spectacular spaces that make the everyday feel like a getaway As Dee Dee Hannah recalls her childhood, it’s easy to  understand how she became  both an architect and an  interior designer. “I loved math and science and I loved fashion. I  had this dichotomy in terms of interests,  but also that’s sort of the way my mind  works: very linear, logical thinker. But  then I loved design!” Her stunning creations, bright smile, long gold-spun locks and engaging personality have become famous, courtesy of three appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, a hosting gig on the…

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