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The Singularity

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Nov 4th, 2019 I attended Singularity University the executive course in Canada. Sixty people were chosen to explore large thinking ideas in the areas of healthcare, IT, climate change, robotics, AI, leadership, ethics and typology of your thought process identifying your DNA of your business. I met fantastic interesting people exploring the world at a larger scale. Exponential growth and thinking outside the box. My take away is the world is in a fine balance where we are 8 billion people with 1 billion cars and the planet is stressed; we have 11 years to save this planet and reverse…

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Oct 21ST, 2019 When you can light a building in pink, just do it. The actual building becomes a true piece of art and a lighting beacon. New in Bangkok but looking older with the balustrades and futuristic with the glow of the pink. One building many shades of ages or ageless. Architecture is art and vice versa. Perhaps this is trend with the building changing shades. Tomorrow’s colour could be a pale blue signalling a time for pause. The swirling of the balconies in repetition makes the mass playful and powerful. The form is consistent, yet the lighting makes…

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Thailand: Keemala

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Oct 15th, 2019 Keemala Hotel Phuket, Thailand is a dream on the hillside of Kamala in the Kathu District truly you would drive by if you did not know that a jewel was sitting amongst the trees. This hotel is comprised up pods and more pods with bridges connecting the entire site. The floors are bursts of mosaics of colours that truly sparkle and tell a story of the land. There are elephants and water patterns just make you want to frolic with the animals. The structure of the pods are simple in a wood capsule decorated with wood lattice…

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Arbor Awards

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Oct 7th, 2019 It is a true honour to be recognized by your University for outstanding volunteerism, University of Toronto’s motto “May it grow as a tree through the ages.” I am thankful for the opportunity to graduate with honours from The Faculty of Architecture and grow into the world of professional architecture. This is the highest honour granted by the University and I am humbled to receive this award. I have lectured, taught, critiqued students work, mentored students, capital campaign contributor and established a scholarship in my name for entrance students. As my professor Bruce Kuwabara said: “The best…

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Oct 1st, 2019 KADE, Keep Alive Design Ethical is my new collaboration with Kevin Allwood for an eleven piece fashion capsule. These pieces are: The 5 S’s SEXY STYLE SUBTLE STRUCTURAL SOPHISTICATED Made in Canada and celebrating design for the Superhero Woman. Inverted pants, Pocket Detailed pants, Structure Mix top, Long Mixed-Use top, Crest dress, Long Pocket Regal dress, Silhouette dress, Rain/snow play coat, Classic blazer, Mechanical Pencil skirt and Superwoman Jumpsuit. You feel confident, comfortable and not on display. Age is a blend…keep them guessing and admiring.  

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